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stop looking under their skirts

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felines from detroit and the surrounding areas.

we are about breaking hearts as easily as faces; we are too much rock for one town.

to join:
1- Please post a few pictures of yourself
2- List your top five bands
3- The last five concerts you have been to
4- You must hide underneath a car in a parking lot late at night until the owner comes back. Once the owner comes back, you must slit the backs of their ankles with a dull rusty blade and leave a valentines day balloon on the rearview mirror. this is a joke

please note that it is tricky to join without already knowing a current member. Only females can be members. sorry guys, try the sbc. ANYONE CAN POST THOUGH.

we are a closed community but you can still post if you click the little blue pencil on the toolbar right above our user name.

Join the carnage! We are cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet.

Keeping it real since JULY 30, 2002
REBORN: FEB 17, 2004

founders: users catch22bigfish, splitxends, and rainbowbrite227

United with the sexy_boys_crew
friends with le_crud